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Shipping & Returns

Shipping: Our shipping process is fairly universal for points orders. However, for specialized products there are other factors that come in to play and you should refer to the product page itself for further information.

The majority of points orders are fulfilled within 5 days (at a max) and this is a high estimate. We have this time to allow for order changes, payments to clear, and fix issues with past orders prior to moving forward with newer orders. Once your order is considered processing it usually takes about 24-48 hours for our entire processing group to be completed. We ask that you utilize our order tracking page with the link above to get the most up to date information.

Additional shipping policies, how shipping works, and fees associated with violating our shipping terms

Returns/Refunds: We offer absolutely zero refunds for any order that has been or is processing or marked as completed. We will work with customers to resolve any errors, but due to the products being digital in nature, no refunds will be offered unless it is a case of fraud.

If you are looking to receive a refund on a purchase prior to processing, please let us know as soon as possible. Or we may change your order any time before it is placed in our processing. Failure to do so results in all liability being retained by the customer. This agreement applies to all orders made through  

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We Embrace Your Suggestions

We strongly believe that your comments are really valuable to us and we'd love to hear any advice from you about our collections! If there are great Ray-Ban sunglasses that you think we should have, or questions or comments, please feel free to let us know.

Professional Service

We serve our clients patiently. Our amazing collection will enable you to choose the most satisfactory product under any situation. Our 24-hour customer service team can help you concerning any question you might meet during your purchase process: More importantly we can offer you all-round after-sale service, as we are your friends as well as sellers!

"Factory to you" Unbeatable Price

We sell directly from the factory to our customers without any middleman, so you can get your loved Ray-Ban sunglasses with unbeatable prices but definitely same or even higher quality as other retailers. For years, we've been committed to searching for the newest innovations in sports apparel industry. And we're picky, just like our customers; we desire for high quality products that deliver on their promises.
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